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Why You Should Choose Veritate

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Einstein once said: “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

Veritate understands that ‘methodologies’ and ‘frameworks’ are theoretical. So, we do not merely provide a gap analysis between the theory and you. We leverage our experience and best practice knowledge to ascertain where you are, right now, and help you get to where what you want to be. We set out to learn about your business, your strategy, your operating model and what you want to achieve, before providing you with honest, experience-driven advice and guidance.

Veritate approaches these initial objectives, neither by reacting with ‘out of a textbook’ doctrine nor by jumping on the latest industry bandwagon. There is no one-size-fits-all magic bullet, contrary to what other IT Service Providers might imply. The reality is that a substantial number of IT endeavours overrun and overspend, while the majority of project deliveries either fail to meet with expectations or are not aligned with an organisation’s business strategy. This suggests that a significant contributing factor in project failure is the attempt to solve the wrong problem(s) in the first place.

The Veritate mode of practice takes steps, which thoroughly review your current situation and help minimise this type of risk.  We produce a steady foundation of meaningful information, upon which you can make sound decisions and take the best courses of action, to address your real business challenges.

Whether you need Veritate to simply assess a part of your IT organisation and services or would like us to provide one of our design and implementation solutions, the output we provide will always be based on experience and blended best practice. We do not just rehash the theory.

In the course of creating Strategies and Service Designs, Veritate does not automatically subscribe to popular methodologies and frameworks. While we recognise that many of the tenets, held by best practice models, are very useful, we take a ‘toolbox’ approach to building frameworks; tailoring them in accordance with assessment and identified need. Likewise, Veritate is not a ‘technology-led’ consultancy (meaning it is not seeking to sell software you may or may not need for a problem you may or may not have). We are completely Vendor agnostic.

Veritate has observed that organisations, which flatly measure their current operating model against a best practice benchmark, will most likely fail to discover anything close to all the breakpoints in their existing processes. Similarly, the implementation of the same will, in all probability, fail to deliver any type of appreciable return on investment and might, in some cases, decrease change throughput and quality. This is because, as good as best practice frameworks can be, they are inherently constrained through their necessity to be generic. They cannot account for details, e.g. how a business is organised; how its departments integrate and interact and what these moving parts deem as critical; what is a high risk and a high priority.

It can be equally problematic, if organisations prematurely align themselves with a particular toolset or software solution. This can lead to projects becoming inadvertently ushered by a preconceived design, detached from the original business requirements. Such initiatives bring with them potentially serious issues with process change and overall solutions integration.

Veritate can avoid these issues and enrich IT Operating Models in a way best practice frameworks and trending software solutions alone will not. Our breadth and depth of applied knowledge, in IT Quality and Service Management methodology, combined with our unfettered vantage point, fosters an holistic outlook. We are able to tailor a comprehensive and close-fitting solution to more precisely meet our clients’ needs.

Much is made of enterprises being able to continually re-shape their business and operational support systems, in timely fashion, to successfully meet and capitalise on market changes. In this prevalent context, IT service delivery is viewed as an organisation’s capability in driving as much ‘change’ throughput, in as short a time as possible.

Even with this singular driver on keeping pace with perceived business demand, the perspective on service delivery is an incomplete one; the weakness of which is a widely manifest reality. Despite a considerable industry movement towards transforming delivery processes, the actual volumes, as well as the level of quality and overall effectiveness of ‘changes’ seems little improved.

Software failures still reach the news regularly and these are just the high-profile, big brand disasters. Moreover, the costs of delivery seem to have grown, as have the backlogs of pending changes, which may never see the light of day. In essence then, the extent of the challenges, the risks and the cost of external failures remain as high as ever. At the same time, any noticeable increase in benefits realisation remains unseen; even with the growing trend in apparently agile methodologies.

Current systems of delivery often fail because they are not truly ‘adaptive’ and omit a vital ingredient: Actual Quality & Service Management. Veritate specialises in creating adaptive change delivery frameworks, which integrate Quality Management and ITSM processes with your enterprise. Our base models consist of an essential core, primed with flexible entry and exit points, for any business unit and associated sub-processes to port into. Veritate offers a customisable solution for implementing a total mechanism, through which high quality IT change can be easily managed in your organisation.

Veritate believes the idea of ‘business value’ is often misunderstood; particularly by those IT consultancies and skills providers, who claim they can deliver the same. The promise of huge gains through generalised initiatives has become commonplace, but is greatly misguided and comes at a high price.

Top-drawer consultancy pricing is justified through the building of an assumption – that the ‘costs’ to make something happen directly equate to the expected ‘value’. This is not only invalid in its own right but is also borne out by the outcomes, which do not reach expected levels of quality. But, when what constitutes a level of quality has not been clearly defined and agreed in the first place, there is little room to complain about what has been made an entirely subjective matter.

For these reasons, Veritate pursues agreements with clients, based on clearly predefined deliverables and a path to delivery. Veritate demonstrates what success will look like, in advance, so as to set definite expectations. The actual outcomes can then be easily evaluated by our clients, on completion.

Moreover, Veritate offers clearly defined packages (for each major phase in the Veritate Lifecycle), each fixed with specific products, quality criteria and pricing, available to examine, prior to agreement. This allows you to choose what to purchase and buy only what you need – nothing more.

Where our standard product set does not precisely meet your needs, Veritate can devise a bespoke package, closely tailored to your requirements but still within the Veritate price structure and delivery ethos. In any event, our packages clearly define what you are getting for your money.

Learn About Veritate

The Veritate APPROACH
    • Common sense consulting
    • Invested in the customers’ vision and strategy
    • Vendor agnostic and impartial guidance
    • Experience-driven direction and delivery
    • Passionate concern for getting it right
The Veritate MISSION
    • to carefully listen to aspirations
    • to precisely comprehend challenges
    • to methodically devise solutions
    • to efficiently guide realisations
    • to empower with enduring results
The Veritate VALUES
    • Collaboration: collective thinking and partnership
    • Leadership: subject authority and judgment
    • Professionalism: competency and orderly conduct
    • Diligence: purposeful care and attention
    • Quality: achievement of optimum utility
The Veritate VISION
    • to drive thought leadership in ITSM and Quality Management
    • to set the bar in skills acquisition and assignment
    • to give unrivalled value and return on investment
    • to adapt to the evolving technology and expertise landscape
    • to continually promote the best in Business IT practice

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